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Biológiai levegőztetett szűrő

Biostyr™ - a leghatékonyabb biofilter a piacon:

A Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies által tervezett Biostyr™a piacvezető biofilter több, mint 25 év tapasztalatával és több, mint 100 referenciával világszerte.

Biostyr™ - kompakt bioszűrési technológia:

Biostyr™ is a simple and innovative process, capable of removing all biological pollution at minimal operating costs.
Biostyr™ is capable of eliminating all biodegradable pollutants, from carbon (COD and BOD) to nitrogen (N-NH4 and N-NO3) and particulates (TSS).
The Biostyr™ processes modular design is easily adaptable to any kind of biological wastewater treatment.
The Biostyr™ process is adaptable to meet the required effluent standards in order to satisfy the costumer's need.

Biostyr™ biofiltration combines in a single structure:

  • a biological reactor to degrade soluble pollutants and
  • a separation phase to remove biomass and particulate pollutants